Pico de Orizaba

REA expeditions are unique to every client.  We fully believe that authentic adventure is rare and every person is attracted to different attributes within any given environment.  With this said, our aim as guides is to know your goals and place you in locations where you experience your life dreams.  We are guides that equip you with expertise to see objectives of your trip at the forefront and not with your guide in front pointing the way.  As you experience the summit of a tall mountain, feel the breeze on an African safari, watch an Italian sunset while sipping a glass of wine, or watching fish as you paddle an improvised raft down a jungle river…we want you to see from the front and we, as your guide, will walk quietly by your side.

Our expeditions are run by top-notch professionals who focus on designing and implementing the trip of your dreams.  We work to minimize the risk of traveling internationally, be socially and culturally responsible, and adhere to the professional best practices of our industry.

REA typically conducts three to six international trips per year. Our trips are carefully designed to provide a complete, personalized experience. Over the past few years, we have created strategic partnership with guide and outfitting companies to allow us to safely travel into countries as well as provide the proper logistics to accomplish our goals.  Throughout your trip, you will always be accompanied by an REA Trip Leader and supported by the best local guides and outfitters.

Please feel free to peruse our other inventory of trips and feel free to contact us for a more customized experience should these trips not fit your criteria.  We are more than happy to design an experience that tailors to your needs.


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