Day Tours are the newest additions to REA’s Adventure list!  Here you will find a small selection of only the finest Wineries, only the most awe inspiring light hikes (or snowshoeing depending on the season and tour), the most informative and fun interacting museums, and of course fun beyond your imagination! Our Day Tour Adventures are all designed to be in the “easy” difficulty range.

Columbia River Gorge Day Tour

This Adventure is Laden with History, Wine, and Waterfalls!

This adventure will start by taking you to the rim of the Columbia River Gorge where you will get an amazing bird’s eye view of the gorge. We also begin to tell the tale of the gorge here starting with the Ice age (15,000 years ago).  We then move down to the belly of the gorge where we will explore waterfalls along the Southern Oregon Banks.  The peak of the waterfalls being Multnomah Falls, a magnificent 620 foot waterfall (that’s almost 4 times the height of Niagara falls).  Along this stretch we will speak about the Native Americans of the area along with the grand Lewis and Clark Expedition.  As an added bonus, one cannot speak of the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest without exploring the Salmon life cycles at the Bonniville Fish Hatchery.

Next we will cross the Bridge of the Gods and enter Stevenson Washington.  We’ll have lunch at the Vibe Cave, taste wine from the Klickitate Canyon & Columbia Gorge Winery, and explore the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum. The Washington side of the Gorge is beautiful and boasts a wealth of history brought to life for us to enjoy.  The fresh and local foods will have you begging for more.  And the amazing Organic and sulfit free wines will have you buying out the cellars!

After exploring the Northern Banks of the Columbia River, we will then head back to Oregon and into the Hood River Vally where “Every Season Has A Reason to Celebrate!”  Time allowing, we will visit more waterfalls, beautiful lookouts, and always finish our day with explosive tastes at the Naked Winery tasting room!

Flow of the Day
Meet at REA’s Office at 8am. Meet your guide for the day and head out. REA will provide transportation, guide, permits, tasting and museum fees, water/tea/coffee, light snacks, trekking poles (optional), umbrellas (if so desired), as well as provide lunch at the Vibe Cafe. We usually return to the REA office between 5:30 and 6:30pm.

Day TourMount Hood Day Tour

Welcome To The Second Most Climbed Mountain In The World!

This Tour Adventure will take us through the history of Mt Hood and the Barlow Road (the last leg of the famous Oregon Trail).  From Sandy to Timberline, and back to Portland Oregon, this is a tour not to miss!

We start the day with a tasty treat at the “Gateway to Mt Hood”, Sandy Oregon.  From here we will then ascend the Cascades via Highway 26 and parts of the historic Barlow Road.  We pass through forests in the foot hills of Mt Hood (11,249 ft tall) as we climb to our snowshoeing location on the south side of Mt Hood.  Do not be alarmed at the sound of snowshoeing.  This is the easiest outdoor winter activity to learn (if you can walk, then you are already 80% on your way to snowshoeing!).  The snowshoe fun usually lasts about 2-3 hours and there is usually a great break for hot tea/coffee and snacks!

We’ll stow the snowshoes and travel up the historic driveway to Timberline Lodge National Historic Landmark (dedicated by President FDR in the fall of 1937).  After an intimate tour of the historic lodge with your REA guide, you’ll then be treated to a light lunch and great drinks!  Feel free to peruse the lodge as there is a ton of intricate detail that was all hand made.

If the sky is clear, you’ll see picturesque views of Mt Jefferson and the Three Sisters to the South as we descend the Mt Hood Scenic Byway from Timberline Lodge (elevation 6,000 ft), to Government Camp and the Mt Hood Cultural Center & Museum.  While at the museum, we will explore the unique history of Mt Hood, skiing, and pioneers trailblazing the west!

As we continue to travel the Mt Hood Scenic Byway back towards Portland, we will make a last stop to see our friends at the Buddha Kat Winery.  Here we will taste the delightful grapes of Oregon in there best fermented form, Wine!

Flow of the Day
Meet at REA’s Office at 8am. Meet your guide for the day and head out. REA will provide transportation, guide, permits, tasting and museum fees, water/tea/coffee, light snacks, snowshoes, trekking poles (optional), and a light lunch. We usually return to the REA office around 4:30 pm.

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