About Us

We all crave incredible experiences, whether it’s watching a beautiful mist hang in the lush canopy of a rainforest or watching waves crash against the cliffs of Ireland. Mountains, deserts, glaciers — If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

Our guides want to get you outside, to take you to amazing places only a small percentage of people will ever see, to wake you up, make you feel alive and help you finally scratch some items off your bucket list.

So, what can you really expect from a guide? Well, we are the people who handle all the nitty-gritty details of an adventure so that you can focus more on the landscapes and experiences (and less on fixing the stove or patching the raft). We’re also trained to keep you safe and respond to emergencies. And… we can take you to the best local breweries, get you off the beaten track, and share some stories with you around a campfire.

Josh Walker

Position: Managing Member
Hometown: Seneca, Oregon
Experience: 12 years experience as a full-time back-country professional. He serves on the curriculum committee for the Wilderness Education Association and is a certified high-low angle rope technician, Wilderness First Responder Instructor, and ATV Instructor.
Hobbies: Hunting, Mountaineering, Rock/Ice climbing, Sky- Diving, Mountain biking, Camping, Skiing, Horn- Hunting, Orienteering, Golf, and Wood-working.
Education: Currently seeking BA in who-knows-what (it always changes!), AAS-Survival and Rescue

Ricky Haro

Position: Managing Member/Curriculum-Designer
Hometown: Great Falls, Montana
Experience: 12 years as a full-time back-country professional. Ricky serves on the Board of Directors for the Wilderness Education Association as the current President and, in the past, has served as Vice-president and chaired the Curriculum, Standards, and Accreditation Council.
Certifications:  Wilderness First Responder Instructor, Certifying Examiner-Wilderness Education Association (WEA)
Hobbies: Orienteering, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Trekking, Adventure Racing, Long-distance running and Rock/Ice climbing.
Education: MaED-Curriculum & Instruction, University of Phoenix; BA-Workforce Education/Program Development, Southern Illinois University; AAS-Survival and Rescue

Julie Neisch

Position: Director
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Experience: Growing up camping and hiking with my family ingrained in me a love of everything outdoors. In grad school, I led courses in caving and cave diving, which taught me how rewarding it is to share these experiences and skills with others. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last several years traveling throughout Europe, Asia, and Central and South America soaking up all the trekking, diving, caving, climbing, and outdoor adventures these areas have to offer.
Education: BSc in Marine Biology, MSc Wildlife and Fisheries. Dive Instructor and Wilderness First Responder.
Little Did You Know: My pediatrician gave my mother a copy of the book “Your Strong Willed Child” when I was 6 months old. My first job after college was working as a scuba diver for NASA, then I left to be a deckhand on private megayachts. I haven’t owned a car in 5 years. Lost my appendix in a small town in Thailand. Spent a year living in Peru and working as the Volunteer Coordinator for a non-profit. I dislike running approximately 5 days a week, sometimes for multiple hours.

Aaron Wilder

Position: Guide
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Experience : The Great Northwest has giving me opportunities for over 25 years of hiking, climbing, rafting, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, backpacking, mountain biking, and beachcombing.
Education: B.A. Religion, M.A. Teaching
Certifications: WEA Leadership, LNT Awareness Training, First Aid/CPR/AED Certified, Class B CDL, WA State Social Studied Endorsement
Perfect Day: Backpacking with my family to an alpine lake, roasting large amounts of red meat over a fire with cold IPA in hand, and scrambling up a nearby peak and watch the sunset.
Bucket List: Run a high ridge in Scotland with a kilt and blue paint, trek the Himalayas, climb Kilimanjaro and then go on safari, and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.
Nickname: Lonscent – stands for funny accent, because as a kid I grew up in North Carolina before moving to Washington.

Andy Craig

Position: Guide
Hometown: Port Angeles, WA
About: If Andy’s life was shaped like a tree, some of his branches would be rivers. A lifetime surrounded by adventures, recreation, and a focus on just being outside.
Experience: Wilderness therapy guiding, rock/ice climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, wilderness survival, wilderness medicine, WEA Outdoor Leadership, AAI Alpine Rock Leader 1&2, Avalanche Level 1, Master Leave No Trace Educator. Andy is very passionate about climbing (rock or ice), skiing, mountain biking, and any excuse to get outside.
Education: BA Outdoor Recreation, concentration of Outdoor Leadership from Western Washington University.
Random fact: Andy hasn’t worn jeans in over ten years.

Cody Shotola-Schiewe

Position: Guide

Hometown: Portland, OR
Experience: 6 years of Backpacking, Climbing, Mountaineering and Skiing in the Pacific North West, South West and parts of Europe.

Education and Certifications: Mazamas ICS, Mountaineering First AID, AIARE Level 1; Pursing BA Sociology from the PSU Honors College.
My Perfect Day: Climbing on some alpine ridge as dawn breaks, ski back down to the valley for coffee and a breakfast burrito, then soak in a hot spring with good people or a book.
Talk To Me About: Art of all kinds, literature and poetry, ancient history, international culture, rainforest ecosystems, plants and fungi.
On My Bucket List: Climb Ama Dablam and visit the source of the Ganges.

Stephen Arden

Position: Guide
Hometown: Portland, OR
Experience: Stephen holds his Siletz Indian culture close to his heart and has assisted in facilitation of Native American culture camps. He has 5 years of backpacking, spelunking, climbing, and mountaineering experience. He’s also been exploring since he can remember and plans to continue to for the rest of his life.
Education: AAS Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education
Perfect Day: Sitting down for a pizza seasoned with hunger after a long day of summiting a mountain.

Joey Carrara

Position: Guide and Intern
Hometown: Charlotte, Vermont
Experience: Climbing hard routes, Skiing steep lines and Biking fast through the trees.
Certifications: AIARE 2, AMGA SPI, WFR, Leave No Trace Instructor
Education: BA in Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Travel. NOLS Semester Graduate.
Fun Fact: I live in my van. But it’s like… a cool van.

Misha VanEaton

Position: Guide
Hometown: Portland, OR
Experience: A lifetime of jumping waves in the Pacific Ocean, wading towards waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge, and peering under rocks and nursing logs in the woods. I’ve been hiking and skiing as long as I can remember, backpacking for as long as I’ve had a driver’s license, and rock climbing, mountaineering, and cold water surfing since 2016.
Education: Mazamas Intermediate Climbing School, additional courses in rock rescue and anchor building, and finishing a BA in Sociology
Certifications: Wilderness First Responder, AIARE Level 1
Fun Fact: I always bring at least one plant ID book on trips and, if you hang out with me on the approach, I’ll point out some plant parts for snacking.
Little Did You Know: I grew up with nurses for family, so my sister and I spent our childhoods dissecting dead animals we found outside and subsequently conducting their burial services.