Wilderness First Responder

Our Wilderness First Responder courses are designed specifically to meet the needs of wilderness guides, expedition leaders, and outdoor instructors. It is the outdoor education and recreation industry’s standard for wilderness medical training. It is the wilderness medicine training course for outdoor professionals and the course you want your friends to take before you travel with them.

While the focus remains on expedition medicine, the information and skills learned during our Wilderness First Responder course may be directly applied to other emergency medical situations where rapid EMS and advanced medical care is not available (like disaster relief, remote health care in third world countries, etc.).

The course includes certification in adult & child CPR and AED. Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) credits are also available through the Wilderness Medical Society.

The Wilderness Medicine Training Center is the only wilderness medicine provider who offers both standard and hybrid Wilderness First Responder courses using teaching and learning strategies that inform one another; the result is a choice of format and pedagogy that meets your needs.

Our standard Wilderness First Responder course contains lectures, skill labs, simulations, & case study review, taught over nine days (no advance study is required). Standard Wilderness First Responder courses are best suited for students who learn best with an instructor present to guide and motivate them throughout the course and/or for those students who do not have the time for pre-course study.

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