Wilderness Survival

So you have the skills to set up your tent and you’re comfortable with your gear from REI, but what if your kit gets stolen at the gas station before the trailhead? What if you thought it was going to be a quick out-and-back hike/climb but you get hurt or lost, and need stay the night? Family road trip with the relatives during a snowstorm and your vehicle breaks down outside cell reception — are you prepared, confident? What happens if your buddy snaps an ankle 20 miles in? Are you prepared to provide them with basic needs and contact recovery? What about signaling the helicopter?

This clinic will be a great introduction to wilderness survival, providing training on how to meet your needs, and the needs of others, during a survival episode. Further, participants will earn Wilderness Enthusiast credit, from the Wilderness Education Association (WEA). This level of education involves the skills and knowledge necessary to travel outside to maintain personal health and safety for short durations of time in the back-country.


It will start on Friday evening in the office, to do a quick meet and greet, followed by an academic lesson in emergency planning and psychological aspects to survival situations. Saturday and Sunday will be our experiential learning labs where we will cover the following:

ground-to-air signals
vectoring rescue to your location

Shelter Craft
building natural shelters
constructing shelter with man-made materials
building bough beds

Fire Craft
natural tinder
man-made tinder
components of fire
split wood fires
squaw wood fire
heat reflector

edible plants

Water Procurement
water resources
water purification
collecting water
water storage

This clinic will be heavy on experiential experiences, meaning you will sleep in what you make, you will build your own fire. You will also learn how to develop personal and vehicle survival kits.

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