Your bucket list is our itinerary.

Our mission is to create amazing outdoor experiences for you.

And here’s how we do it: We provide you with trained guides who get you off the beaten track and keep you safe while giving you an adventure you won’t forget. We take you to waterfalls, hot springs, mountain summits, breweries, surf breaks, you name it. We handle all the planning and problems, and you show up and have a great time.

We’ve sent guides and groups all over the world since we opened our doors in Portland, Oregon, in 2006. We’ve also trained locals on wilderness survival skills, backcountry medicine, avalanche preparedness and more.

So whether you want to summit Kilimanjaro, snowshoe around Crater Lake or watch waves crash against the cliffs of Ireland, we can design an adventure that is customized for you.

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Looking for adventure in Oregon or Washington?

We are a fully-insured, licensed, and registered Oregon Outfitter/Guide company, as well as a member of the Oregon Guides and Packers Association. We are permitted in several location including but not limited to; Mt. Hood National Forest, Gifford Pinchot National Forest (Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helen’s), the Columbia River Gorge, and the Olympics National Forest.

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Went snow camping at Crater Lake. The guides were on point and the trip was fantastic. I learned a ton and had a crazy good time.Jenny Brown


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